Meet the new Design Patterns resource


Let's admit it, there were released many resources on Software Architectural Patterns since Design Patterns book was published back in 1994 and still it requires a lot of effort to learn the real nuts and bolts of all the patterns and even more effort is required to understand the real difference between them and to realize how easy it is to use wrong pattern.

#In the beginning..

Lately, I am much after learning Design Patterns and applying them in my daily work. Since I was not alone in my team who desired to really understand all the Design Patterns, at some point we started an internal newsletter. We intended to discuss all the known patterns with practical examples together via daily newsletter. At some point we realized that all the research we're doing should be centralized somewhere in public domain and that we should really continue this research publicly as it felt like the way to become good at desired subject and collect a good documentation that could be useful for others to learn from.


On 21st of February, 2013 we registered an Github Organization called designpatterns with one single repository where we've put our writings and examples we've done till then. We feel like this was a beginning of a potentially great resource which will hopefully fill the gap between most developers and Design Patterns. It will become better and better with time as we continously update it with new patterns and polish existing documentation and code examples. We realize how much work we have left to do before we can call it a good resource but we're very excited about our journey to it and we believe in what we do.

Our repository is completely open for suggestions and pull requests. We invite you to participate in it's development. We believe in open source and in community-driven projects and our project is in the list.

So, here is the link:

#What do you think?

I would be glad to know what you think about it. Is it something you were missing as well as us? Is there anything like that already you know about? Leave your comments below.

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