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Sergey Lukin
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Sergey Lukin
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Software Developer
About me

Hi, I'm Sergey, 30yo, father of 2, currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I'm mostly passionate about #music, #programming, #sport, #ui, #ux alphabetical order :)

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Side Projects

Netwalk the game

November 2015. The goal of this project was to get my hands dirty with ReactJS library released by Facebook. Although I didn't record a video screencast of me building the game as I was planning I learned a lot about ReactJS and all the tools that surround it, like Webpack - amazing module bundler, Babel - ES* to ES5 transpiler. Also I got another chance to be responsible for UI / UX (used Sketch for OS X as my primary weapon) which I always enjoy doing and find it both challenging and satisfying. Go ahead and click the button below to try out the game. Warning: it may be addictive :)

Welcome to Tel Aviv

I could talk endlessly about this project. It was one of the most challenging and interesting side projects I've dealt with. I made it for the first Tel Aviv YouGottaLoveFrontEnd 2015 conference challenge. See my submission on GitHub for more details. I went through many iterations while working on it. The most challenging part was to come up with an idea that would be impressive enough while still possible to implement in given timeframe :) Design and UX were also a big part of the process. I've learned about product management a lot as I was managing myself to do everything in time from idea storming to prototyping to kicking iterations to polishing and what's not. Besides it was a good opportunity to try out the best practices of that time, like using Gulp to orchestrate all the project build routines, assets compilation / minification / code linting. Also I think it was first project that I didn't use jQuery in. Check it out by clicking the button below :) Psst, once you're there, for better effect, scroll the page slower ;)

Envato remix #2 challenge

Little project for Envato Remix #2 CSS challenge that took place in July 2015. Lots of CSS tricks learned along the way, had a chance to come up with craziest idea I could think of, which is a good thing sometimes :)

3D Bar Charts

Year 2012 A.D., CSS 3 is in hype, very few people know they could transform elements in 3d perspective using pure CSS, a bit more people know they could create functional buttons in pure HTML / CSS that trigger styles change of other elements. And I came across this experiment that uses jQuery and images to create 3d bar chart. So I decided why not trying new shiny CSS 3 features to do that in pure CSS and without images? The result was even better than I thought. I was even invited by Codrops to write an article on that, that was even better as I could try myself as a writer on such a great blog and get lots of feedback and traffic to my website ;) Check out the final result by clicking the button below. Note: there is no Javascript involved, everything is powered by CSS, pretty impressive even today (at least to me).

Blog posts

Last week a DDoS attack shut down several popular internet sites, including Twitter, Github, PayPal, Reddit, etc. The blackout was a result…